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Shandong Hengxing Stock Co. Ltd (SHSC)’s subordinate foundry (former Zibo Yanxin Heavy Machinery Factory)covers an area of 300 km2, 420 employees including 15 technicians, 27 foundry equipments. It is equipped with PDA-5500II Shimazu direct reading emission spectrograph, computer thermal analyzer and other stokehold on-line testing device and quality detector. It possesses two 25 tons resin sand molding lines, two15 tons medium frequency furnaces, one 10tons cupola, two 5tons cupola, and its annual production capacity up to 25,000tons, one-piece foundry capacity up to more than 40tons. Self-designed dryer likeΦ1830x7150,Φ1830x8700,Φ1830x480,Φ1830x4400,Φ3660x3350, are successively used by well-known companies both at home and abroad.
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